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Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District
P.O. Box 314, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 USA
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Mt. Shasta City Park

Headquarters of MSRPD is located within the rustic, 26 acre Mt. Shasta City Park, one mile north of downtown Mt. Shasta. Leased by the District from the City of Mt. Shasta, park facilities include four, large picnic areas, two playgrounds, and five public buildings, including the Lower Lodge pictured at right, center for many community clubs, activities and events. The park and facilities are used extensively for private rentals, sponsored clubs, public events, as well as numerous educational & cultural classes. The park not only serves the recreational needs of our local residents, but also offers enjoyment to the many thousands of tourists who visit the Mt. Shasta area each year.

DID YOU KNOW - The land, which ultimately became the Mt. Shasta City Park, was once part of the hunting ground for the Wintun, Maidu, and Okwanuchu Indian tribes and was first crossed by explorers around 1841. Big Springs, designated as the location of the headwaters of the Sacramento River, once contained a water-wheel and was the city's first source of energy (1901) for generating power to light the local community. The crystal clear water flowing through the park begins its journey high on the snow-covered peaks of majestic Mt. Shasta, flowing through underground lava tubes until finally gushing forth into daylight at the City Park's headwaters area. Along it's journey out of the park the water flows through the Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery, feeds into Lake Siskiyou, plunging over the Box Canyon Dam as it reaches it's final destination, the Sacramento River. The Headwaters Area is well-known as a local historical point of interest attracting hundreds of curious sight-seers each year.

DID YOU KNOW - Beginning in 1920 Chico State utilized the park property as it's summer campus for the Chico State Teachers College. Students were housed & taught in large tent-covered platforms until the park buildings were erected. The park buildings, still utilized today, originated from Chico State's usage of the park from 1920-1943. The land was deeded from the college to the City in 1947. The Recreation Center building was originally used as the local National Guard Armory.


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