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Dog Park

May contain: animal, pet, dog, canine, and mammal

Established in 2004, the Dog Park provides a large fenced-in area with double-gate system for safety. 


  1. Dog owners/handlers are personally and legally responsible for their animals. You are using these facilities at your own risk.
  2. Dogs may be off a leash only within the designated fenced area.
  3. No dog shall be left unattended for any reason, for any length of time.
  4. Owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.
  5. State and local laws require that all dogs in public spaces be properly licensed and have proof rabies vaccination.  Licenses and tags must be on dogs' collar, the collar must be on the dog.
  6. Puppies under 16 weeks of age are not allowed in the Park. 
  7. Aggressive dogs are not allowed. The owner/handler of any dog exhibiting aggressive or unruly behavior are required to immediately remove the offending animal.

The best way to access the Dog park is to park by the Mt. Shasta High School Baseball Field (Martindale Field), and walk north, its located just behind the Multipurpose sports field and next to the Community Garden.